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    { Blutsbrüder VR Goggles }
    THE METAVERSE is the inevitable future Internet.

    It combines the power of social media and user-generated content with the presence and immersion of virtual reality. ENTERMETA is comprised of top figures in this convergent frontier.

    We've launched the most successful Metaverse ventures inside the avatar-based economies of virtual worlds and in the app culture of the social web. We're an organization of futurists, technologists, developers, artists, designers, entrepreneurs, and other great minds building a roadmap for the future of human connection.

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    The Future...

    The notion of a persistent avatar-world, with the ubiquity of the Internet and the instant immersiveness of virtual reality, has long lived in our collective consciousness. Cyberpunk novels and sci-fi films add visions and affirmations of such a digital frontier — a connected consensus reality for global commerce, community, and creativity.

    ...Is Now

    Our prime assertion and founding principle is that the Metaverse needn't be a far away vision of the future if we simply put our minds to the task. Key technological and cultural drivers have only recently pushed into the tipping point; effectively turning resistance into momentum and making the vision not only doable but worthy of doing.

    The Future is Now

    ENTERMETA has created and cultivated the building blocks for a serious commercial-grade service platform to rival and supersede everything that came before. Our mission is nothing short of living up to the promise of these digital dreams and ultimately even exceeding them. We are at the cusp of a genuine revolution that we believe will improve the world in extraordinary life-affirming ways.

  • entermeta : calling all dreamers... and doers...

    Metaverse. Build it and they will come.

    Each experience of being virtual is different and deeply personal. For some, that glimpse into the beyond... to a larger definition of reality and identity... to what we call the Metaverse, is a life-altering event — one that leaves an indelible mark like the proverbial bell that you can never un-ring.

    Most of us were prominent avatar "residents" of a well-known virtual world with a reputation for being heavy on hype and light on execution. As that execution slipped ever more beyond acceptable levels, we made the decision to jump to a serious technology platform with an equally serious service organization to back it. When it became evident that did not exist, we started on the task to create it.

    Steve Jobs once said, "the people who are crazy enough to believe they can change the world are the ones who do." ENTERMETA is building a state-of-the-art platform to be operated by a world-class service organization comprised of people who have direct empirical knowledge of what it means to be virtual. Our mission is to define the next-generation of virtual reality and validate the Metaverse vision once and for all. Oh, yes! ...and to change the world.

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